Thursday, February 14, 2008

Catching Up a Bit at a Time

Sorry for not posting for so long, but I haven't really been stitching. Did the training session for my EGA region officers. It went well even if it was over long. I'm learning more about training and powerpoint than I ever wanted to know. Now to clean it up and post it on the Region website. I was doing a rough calc of the hours -- over 300.....

Finishing up the quilt project for our EGA chapter. It will be our fund raiser at the Regional seminar. There are 35 blocks with "sea" related themes each done by different members of the Chapter. Rather than doing them in straight red or blue work they are done with colors and some overdyed threads. I did the logo for the seminar and need to finish the EGA logo on it now. Picky work. The other blocks are done. The quilt shop owner, were we meet, has volunteered to put the quilt top together and the store is donating the quilting - stitch in the ditch around the blocks and a seashell pattern for the sashing. It will be lovely and fun to see a project I envisioned come to life. I'll try to post a pic here.

Then I need to get cracking on making 2 "W's" in goldwork this weekend. Our local baronial kneeling pillows will be basically a crazy quilt of letters of the name of our Barony. Hence 2 - 3x3" goldwork W's for the first letter.

Then back to working on my queen's artisan project. More on that anon.
Have a lovely Valentine's Day. Whether or not you have a significant other -- tell those around you that you appreciate them. Speaking of which -- thanks for dropping by!

PS I redid my website over the holidays and it now contains most of my class handouts/information. Still need to add info and research but at least it is more up to date. Let me know if you have any problems with pages loading.

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Judy H in NC said...

I looking for further "inspiration" before I sit back down with my daughter's noble costume I am working on, I found your site.

As a former needleworker (given it up for the most part for knitting) I was really interested in your blog and now have it down as part of my favorites. I may even be inspired to pull out the fibers and fabric to work on something as I spend 3 weekends at our local Ren Faire.

So off to sew on miles of trim and get started on the beading on 2 bodices and sleeves.