Thursday, June 12, 2008


Just a very quick post before I head out to Asilomar - the EGA - Region seminar. I'm taking classes with Lynn Payette and Kay Stanis - Lily and Nocturne respectively.

As I've mentioned in the past our yard has frogs. We have been having a lovely frog chorus at night. We have 3 pond frogs - smaller than in past years. We have a few tree frogs although they have been hiding from me. We also have a lovely almost moroccan red patterned with stripes garter snake. Despite all this I've never done a frog before. So here is my first frog, actually done for a special project for a friend - the whole piece is about 5" square


Linn said...

What a friendly looking frog.

Lelia said...

oh, what a charming frog!!!