Thursday, July 08, 2004

Tired but happy

The war went well. Not too hot, not too windy, not too cold (most of the time), not too many mosquitos, ...and no injuries. Our group fielded 10 on the war field - 8 heavy and 2 lights (archers). The event was about 1000 strong with lots of merchants (very dangerous). We ate very well - (d) fresh caught Pacific salmon baked on the grill, (b) breakfast burritos, (d) Guiness Stew, (b) pancakes, sausage, bacon, (d) 4th July b'que with all trimmings, (b) fresh baked goods. My classes had students that were really turned on to learning blackwork and surface embroidery. Most of the other classes went well as well. The competitions worked and we had a fair number of entrants.

I took a class in inkle weaving. While weaving on an inkle loom is 18-19th C rather than medieval, the method of weaving in the same. You can do card weaving on an inkle and get a better tension. I've been wanting to learn inkle weaving for years, just never had the time, the loom, and interest all at the same time. The instructor was very good and by the end of the class I was warped and weaving. Spend part of the last 2 nights doing some weaving and am finally finding my rhythm. Being a thread control freak, I keep going back and tightening the weft thread, until I'm satisfied, but the patterning is getting even.

Sigh - another addiction.

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