Tuesday, August 17, 2004

I am not a Techie!!!! Frustration Abounds

I really hate it when my computer and other related gadgets eat up all my patience and energy. I know it will be worth all the work in the long run, but in the short run, frustration is the nature of the day(s).

I finally finished moving into my Mac G5 with OSX. It really is another animal. Not the old Mac although it will run OS9 (thankfully). Not a PC. The new Unix base means that the husband understands most of the computer better than I do (sigh), but he still can't answer the Mac specific questions.

It hasn't been an easy move although it could have been harder. I was able to transfer over all the old files. I can even read them either with new software or under OS9 and old software. The wierder bit has been moving into an updated and revised calendar program and NEW email program.

In theory at some point I will have my cell phone, PDA and computer all talking to each other. BUT I need to go through certain gyrations first. The most seamless was the Palm PDA stuff. Then moved over all the email stuff. It is all there, even the Address Book (hurrah) - just not organized -- all 300+ addresses. So more work in the weeks to come, reorganizing everything.

It is hard to believe that it was 20 years ago that I got my first MAC. They were cutting back at work and I was only to have 1/6 of a secretary. I said okay, but I want a MAC and training -- which I received. Now my cell phone is more complicated and more powerful than my first computer.

Okay - I'm coping. But it really is an energy and time sink -- not to mention the tendonitis; so no stitching. Maybe I'll warp the loom and weave a bit more and watch the Olympics tonight. Need to give the brain a break.

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