Friday, August 06, 2004

Tired but pleased

The weekend went well. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow. Nothing went quite as planned, but it all worked anyway. About 10% of the classes failed to materialize but I was able to replace about half of them even last minute. People were incredibly generous with their time. We actually had almost enough people to help put things up and get them taken down in reasonable order. Yes the husband was weary, but he had help this time.

Got my new garb done in time. Vikings are very comfortable and linen always is a joy to wear. Since I was very busy and running around lots, comfortable was good. Yes I'll do pics soon.

Friday was set up. Had all but 1 classroom pavilion up by dark. Dinner was easy -- premarinated chicken wings on a disposable barbecue - 8 x 11" approximately. Managed to cook all the pieces and still had good coals left. Jicima, carrots and snap peas are good snacks as well as made for a good healthy dinner. Husband then went off to stand guard, in his new tunic, for the vigil. I went along to visit. We really didn't need to eat dinner since they had a wonderful medieval food feast for the vigil.

Saturday - up at the crack of dawn, well almost. We opened the class registration at 8 am and the line was long. We did manage to get most people through the line in the hour before classes started. My deputy is VERY good. Court went well. About half the demos cancelled so having court take part of the demo time worked out. The day ran fast, but people were happy - laughing - and lots of positive energy. We had LOTS of entries in the competitions - hurrah! It was hard to find 3 judges for 8 competitions, but some of the judges really gave of their time and did multiples. I was very grateful.

The evening was the feast put on by and for the new Laurel - a Hawaiian feast complete with entertainment. It was a real mind bender to see medieval style garb done in Hawaiian prints. Good food, wonderful entertainment, fun people. I was tired but got to sit back and enjoy. There was a glitch in the evening competitions, but we got it handled.

Sunday dawned clear which is good. There is nothing like packing up wet canvas. The morning classes went off well and they were well attended. Court was well attended and reasonably short. Several people received awards and we recognized all the competitions entries. We managed to get everyone packed up and off site by 5 pm. Then home. Husband unpacked half of the moving van Sunday night (yes we borrow a 25' van for the event - 3 pavilions, 10 tables, 20 gallons of water, ...). I collapsed after a shower.

Spent the better part of Monday finishing the unpacking and cleaning up. The rest of the week has been catchup. Yes I warped the loom again and am working on more trim. Will probably pick up a needle tonight - it is mystery night on PBS - good stitching time.

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