Friday, April 15, 2005

Last Minute to dos

4 more full days until we get on a plane. So much to do. But first, last weekend was La Prova Dura -- a special event with lots of pomp and pagentry. Managed to get a few pictures and they are up on the personal website for those who want to look. It was a lot of work, but it was a good weekend.

In advance, we dyed silk banners. Here is mine and Will's is in the background. The resist didn't hold all that well on mine (sigh), but it looked nice waving in the wind. Here it looks a bit like stained glass as the picture was before all the fixative was washed off

Several people have asked about the dyeing. I'll do a web page with more details when I return. This week I did 3 20 yard skeins of walnut, 4 20 yard skeins of tumeric, and 7 20 yard skeins of copper. I'll use the copper to also do the bag construction and some of the decoration. The other dyeing is in the background so you can see the mix of colors. The brick/wine red is the wool dyed with onion skins. I swear that the current yellow onions are red onion hybrids.

Tomorrow is a local war between our Principality and the one to the north. So off we go for the day so Will can fight with his war unit. I'll be teaching a basic blackwork class. Same as a couple weeks ago, but different audience. At least with the basic class I don't have to think. Still don't have the column done, but it is roughed out and the pictures organized.

Have set up the laptop to let us put up travel logs and pictures of our trip on the personal website so you will need to check there for most of the details. Time permitting I'll try to blog also, but no promises.


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