Thursday, September 22, 2005


Yesterday was the "big 50" day. It came in with a gentle snuggle from the husband, cats curled up on the bed, and a lovely card. The present actually happened on Sept 10. We have a September Gem and Jewelry Show which with an anniversary and my birthday in September, works quite well. It is a lovely black opal pendant in a white gold and diamond setting made to invoke the sea, the stars and hearts. It is by our favorite jeweler - Frank Lau. His work is art and this is exquisite and a perfect gift. I've found time and again, that he has the perfect item for me (and before me my mother), even when I'm not looking.

I've been prepping the house for the big party and running all sorts of errands. Ordered the cake - Monday. Got the hair cut in San Francisco on Tuesday (can't believe I've been going to Daniel since 1983). Done all the laundry and picked up most of the den. We put in 4 bookshelves to replace all the piles on the floor. Now that I'm organized, the test will be to see if I can find anything.

Tuesday evening was making the final lists and checking them twice. The front hall is filled with the party supplies all neatly bagged or boxed (beer, wine, champagne) for loading. Ordered the food yesterday for Friday delivery since they don't do Saturday delivery. Will do the final Costco and Trader Joes runs tomorrow along with airport pickups. Think the music is handled and will do a walk through of the set dances Friday evening.

Then just to make things interesting, I put in an offer on a duplex. Will find out today if I got it (I hope). It seems that everytime I buy property I'm in the midst of doing something big. For example, I was closing on my last house the weekend I met the husband. We bought our current house on my birthday in '99. The universe is funny sometimes.

Went to see Dead Can Dance last night at the Paramount Theater in Oakland. It is a beautifully restored Art Deco movie palace. We were in nearly the last row, but at a "rock" concert, I think back is better or at least easier on the ears. Friends came down from Sacramento to join us for the show. Arrived home around midnight. Snuggled in with the husband and cats. It was a good day.

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