Monday, September 26, 2005

It Was a Party!!!

Just a quick note to thank all of you who came, sent messages of good will or otherwise acknowledged the BIG day. Picked up my lady friends, Cathy and the other Robin, on friday at the airport. Had done the Trader Joe's and Costco runs just before. The frozen foods arrived in dry ice via FedEx around 3 pm. We prepped the necessary foods. Took a break for dinner. Then a quick run through of the set dances. Crashed early on Friday.

Saturday started with a trip to the Farmers Market for flowers and good eats. Picked up the cake. Had to wait a few minutes as they were finishing the decoration. Chocolate cake, with ganache filling, and ganache icing.

The ladies did the flower pots. The husband packed the cars and we were off to the hall. Managed to get everything decorated and set up in 1 1/2 hours with a little help from the family. 6 pm - Start the music and the evening was off. Ate lots of good food -- all managed by Cathy and Robin. Danced lots. Laughed lots. Spent time with friends. The wine, beer and champagne flowed. Lots of fun. Several of the guests stuck around to the end and helped us take down. Out of the hall by 11:30 pm. Home - tired - happy!

Sunday we got up. Dropped Robin off at the airport. Then off to meet most of the family for Dim Sum brunch. Then home again to crash. I've been well birthday'd.

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