Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Stitching and Catching Up

So far for 2006, everything seems to be on delay. The column which normally is due on th 1st of the month (odd months) was delayed for The Project. When I did the column all was quickly done, but the stitching on the project for the column. I had forgotten how dense the stitching is on the German Brick Stitch pieces. Finally got the piece to the point where it could be photographed - 100 hours and it is really only half done (for a 3.5" x 7" piece on 28 ct.).

Jan 14th I had the opportunity to attend a class with Phillipa Turnbull. She is one of the "royal embroiderers". One of her recent commissions was the Queen Mother's bedspread. Her forte is crewelwork and her work is fairly true to the original jacobean style. Her kits are on a linen twill which she has especially woven for her. The wool was lovely Appelton yarn. The shop had "sit on" frames for us to use. Of course I bought one even though I had bought a prior one from Grip It -- this was better ergonomically.

Phillipa is a lovely person and a very patient and good teacher. We did stem stitch, long and short shading, and some laidwork. While the stitches are familiar to me, working with wool is always a different experience. For one thing the scale is different from working with silk. She also had us trying to do the one hand over, one under form of UK stitching. Considering that I've been stitching 4-8 hours a day for 3 weeks (1 week at that point), my hands were not happy with trying the new accomodation. I will try again, but after I give my hands a rest. Phillipa also had lots of good hints for starting and stopping the thread. Some work with silk, but the loft of the wool hides the surface starts and stops better. I think the area that made the most difference to my stitching is the use of the long and short stitch. She had lots of tips on direction and correcting problems. Now to remember them all.

Paper- Paper - Paper
Beginning to settle in as President of my EGA chapter. I really don't have time for all the nits so am very fortunate to have a partner for this year who will help with it all.

Feeling buried with paper - trying to find the top of my desk again. Managed to get the apartment rented - one tenant moved out the first week in January. So more paperwork. Having a home business, rentals, teaching and working part time generates lots of paperwork. We easily fill our paper recycling bin (2'x3'x2.5') each week -- and then I have to do filing... and....(blech) - I'd rather be stitching.

Had a night out with my honey/husband - a real date! We went to dinner at a new turkish restraurant then down the block to hear the Chieftains at the refurbished Fox Theater. Met up with friends for dinner. Good conversation, good food, good music! Need to do that more often.

Next -- off to Estrella war (Goodyear Arizona). I'm teaching 2 goldwork classes and blackwork filling stitches. Hope to take some good classes too. We leave on Valentines Day so need to be creative about my gift to the husband... hummmmmm. Come back to finishing the next column so need to finalize the plans for it. Meanwhile I have a couple arbitration cases to hear in Feb and 2 big ones taking all/most of March.

Am treating myself to 2 Crazy Quilt workshops in February. One is through our EGA chapter at a local quilt shop. The focus is on color and crazy quilting the medium. Then starting on Feb 16, is the online class with Sharon Boggins - In a Minute Ago blog. It will run for 6 weeks. Her work is so over the top, but not fussy. A hard balance to meet. I love her new fabric "postcards".

Now back to the paper side of life...

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