Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I'm growing webbed feet!

It rained 25 days in March. It has rained everyday in April so far. It is wet outside. Fortunately it is only outside. The yard is saturated but we are not on a hill and far enough from one to be safe (fingers crossed). I am really glad that we managed to get our street paved a couple years ago or it would be awful. As it is, only the streets that intersect badly are like driving across streams and I have a low car (sigh). 

The worst part is that Devil's Slide/Hwy 1 is closed. Article. For those who are not familiar with this lovely part of the California coastside, it is just south of Pacifica (just south of San Francisco). It is 4 miles of coastside exposed road that likes to have boulders fall down on it, wash away, have nasty potholes, or be covered in mud. The rest of the time, it is an exquisite drive. It is our main artery to San Francisco. The last time it was closed for 115 days and the time before for over 6 months. They have broken ground to build a tunnel through Montara Mountain to bypass the slide, but it won't be completed until 2011. Our other artery off the coastside is Hwy 92, but with all the traffic on it....No eta for opening Devils Slide what with the growing sink hole and the road cracks (4") continuing to worsten. It will be interesting.

Been spending some time revamping my website (I really hate doing website stuff) and finishing off my quilt square. Have a bit more to do and then I'll unveil the finished piece.

Need to get back to the piece for the column and write the next column early. I'm off to a Royal School of Needlework class - 5 days of Goldwork, in Perry Iowa at the end of the month.

Okay back to the html grind.

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