Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Now for a Moment Crowing

As you can see from the prior post, I spent the better part of 3 days with Joyce Lukomski. She is my editor for Needlepoint Now and the reason I am writing a column for her magazine on historic needlework.

She gave me glowing praise in front of everyone but 2 things she said really resonated with me. The first was that some of her subscribers were very annoyed when she omitted one of my bibliographies -- in fact these primarily were very experienced stitchers who loved my column and were hungry for more information. My reaction was -- hurrah! I really hate all the misinformation on historic needlework that is out there and cringe when I see information misstated. I am glad that people want to look at my sources and  hope that they will take a critical look at the information that is served up by "knowledgable sources".

The second thing she said, which also made me wince was that I am now being quoted - in the teaching materials being put out by national needlework guilds. "According to Robin Berry, in issue xx of Needlepoint Now...". So I wince and hope what I am saying is accurate (I really try for it to be) and feel proud that, maybe, I am making a difference.

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