Thursday, December 28, 2006

My Eyes are Crossing

Aside from the holidays and party preparation, I've been spending lots of time with needle in hand. First up was the plackett for the bodice front on my new German. Lots of pearls and coral on gold silk. I opted for slightly larger pearls and coral as the tiny seed size looked too small even at the 3' range. The large gives a better eye catch whether across the room or up close. The downside is the lack of detail, but... Yes I'll post pics, but right now the piece is at the dressmakers.

Next up was the surprise for my friend who is being laureled at 12th Night. Since she reads this blog, I'll talk more about it after 12th Night. Hope she likes it. It sure has bling!

Meanwhile car rides were dedicated to doing some filet lace. I have hemstitched the handkerchief. The lace is on 9 count net with #12 pearl cotton. I'm doing a pattern from the Vinciolo modelbuchen. At this point don't know how many pieces I'll get done before 12th Night. I do want to have at least 1 pattern done and inset to display. I'd really like to do it finer, but I can not find finer netting commercially. Did some looking at some period pieces. The number of thread passes is similar even if the count is larger (sigh).

Now I'm doing the blackwork band for my older german front piece. I also need to finish the goldwork band that goes above the blackwork band. The goldwork is on 40 count gauze and some rows are 300 stitches - a pattern from Quentel's modelbuchen. The blackwork band is on 36 count linen over 1. The blackwork pattern was adapted for me by Linn Skinner from another modelbuchen pattern.
I hope to finish them this weekend.

THEN I need to stitch the pincushion for my column - tent stitch in silk, 36 count, and silver metal thread gobelin for the background. I also want to do period style tassels with wooden cores and a fingerloop braided cord.

That said - back to stitching. Hope 2007 is a wonderful year for all of you and a peaceful one for the world.

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