Friday, March 28, 2008

March Crown Report

Just a quick note to catchup on the happenings at Crown. I participated in the Queen's Artisan's Display. I brought my black velvet german with the beaded sleeve (laid on table with green cloth), the red and gold german with the beaded bodice insert (Cranach style) - on the dress dummy, the pearl and spangle black velvet hat on form with gold caul under, and the couched gold and blackwork bodice insert. I did documentation for the couched gold. Everything else was documented in my workbook for the current gollar project since it is all Pearl Embroidery. I also brought the gollar in process. Just begun with the satin on the frame and outlined on the satin. I had one line of coral on it with the tail just pinned nearby. This allowed people to see that it is really a couched line of beads. I also put out my workbox and periodically demoed the process. Of course I failed to take a pic of the display.

I received wonderfully positive feedback on the display. Sunday I did the class for 3 people on the design concepts of Pearl Embroidery on 15/16th German Women's Clothing. At least those 3 were really interested. Lots of people walked through the display and the Laurels did a field trip through on Sunday am.

Also attended and participated in the WK Needleworkers meeting on Saturday. It was followed by the Arachne's Web class on class ID and lace for clothing. My deputy Magdalena is wonderful!!!! Our Arachne's meeting was small, but short.

Long weekend, but good overall good. Now all I need to do is finish the project :)


Judy H in NC said...

I would have loved to have seen pictures of the display. Our local Ren Faire was the past 3 weekends and I had finished at least part of a new outfit for my daughter, who plays Baroness Wharton for our Royals. Unfortunately, I now have a ton of ideas for adding to her garb.

Linn said...

Well done you.