Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rambling on Designing

The project is for a 2 hour Introduction to Goldwork Technique class for my chapter. They wanted something to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of EGA. They chose Goldwork and then they looked at me to provide the class (grin). Okay it is now deadline time since I need to publicize the class and set prices.

When I give a goldwork class I give each student an Altoids Tin lined with craft felt. This gives them a place to put their precious bits and a chipbox. On one of my tins I did a mini garden scene with bugs. It always gets a positive response.

In thinking about what techniques I want to cover I think I'm going to give them a butterfly design that will fit on the tin, if they want. I can have them do couching of Japanese Gold #5 on a band on the wings. Perhaps couch a circle or 2 of passing on the wings. I'd like to try to get the #50 and EGA on the wings in some format. The body will be raised with a layer of felt. I am thinking some variation on bullion work for the body - laying purls with chipwork for the head.
I'll do the butterfly and then see if I need to add something to the piece -- ie if there is too much open space. I may need to add grass or a plant. It would be fun to do with a bit of the green metal thread from B&G. I may have them outline the wings with a piece or 2 of braid from Bill Barnes too. Hmmmm.

The model needs to be done asap. Guess I know what I'll be doing for the next couple days.

PS I now have my IPhone so I don't have to take a laptop to Louisville. I can do all my email and such on it. It is addictive. A friend refers to hers as her "boyfriend". I so understand.

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