Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Bit of This and That

Realized that I have not been posting regularly, but did want to update a bit on my projects. With the Region Director position, I find myself spending easily 20 hours a week at the job. As such, I find myself more interested in reading and relaxing in a mindless manner rather than stitching. It was an expected side effect.

If I have a "get it done" project, I set aside time in the afternoon to stitch. For example, I am now working on a pearl and coral gollar which I'd like done by January. It is a large project, about the size of the beaded sleeve. I try to do a couple hours every day on it.

I won't start sewing on a project if the evening is late - 9ish or so. By then I am too tired to focus tightly on the project and still relax enough to sleep. My default is spinning. Don't need to really think hard to spin.

My other done by January project is a small swete bag. It has seed pearls. Yes real seed pearls. I need good light to do it. About half the pearls will not go on the #15 beading needle. I am using nymo since the light colored silk threads I have are too fat for the needle. The project is relatively small and has become my traveling around project. I also work on it some evenings.

The last burning project is a folding ort box. ANG put one out to their chapters a couple years ago. My EGA chapter ladies wanted one. The box is similar to the folding origami ones. It presents some design challenges. 1/4th of the design shows on top - or a piece of the lining shows on top. The sides of the box only show when the box is "up". The bottom of the box shows. You have the choice to line the box or not. I am using this as a design exercise for my ladies. They are choosing their own colors and patterns. I am providing a default pattern. One class is layout and one class is construction. They will do the stitching in the intervening 2 months. I am pushing to have mine done by next week and yes I am lining mine with suede cloth.

For my box, I am doing a bargello flame pattern 4:2 with 6 steps. This works well as the basic box size is 2"x2" with an over 2 satin border. I am working on 18ct canvas but congress cloth would work too. I chose 18 ct since the threads I had at hand worked better on it for coverage. I can double or triple the thin threads and the thicker work quite well as singles.

I have realized that I enjoy the design process, but not the stitching process. Doing each of the 5 blocks is boring once the initial one is done. I may vary the others a bit. Perhaps 2 of 2 slightly different patterns for the sides and something a bit different for the bottom.

Yes pics on everything at some point. Now back to the computer to read 26 newsletters and sets of minutes.

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sharonb said...

Hi Sabrina
I just wanted to say thanks for the comment on my new blog. I answered your question on the blog but I understand that often people dont have time to follow up and track comments. I was going to email you my reply but you didn't leave an email address when you left the comment so here I am
this is what I said (its a straight cut and paste)
" I take the dominant colour and put them with that group. Often my over dyed threads are because I have dyed them so I have more than one bobbin of thread. If that is the case I will often put one bobbin in one group and another in the next nearest. I hope that makes sense! "