Monday, December 29, 2003

The Final Push

Whew!! The whirlwind of the Chanukah/Christmas holiday is past and I can go back to concentrating on the push for 12th Night. Managed to get some stitching in this past few days even with various visits.

Scraped the gold on gauze with silk and started again. Finally think I've managed to tame the piece. I still can't count, but it is going better. It takes forever!! 10" wide - on 40 count gauze. Some lines have around 300 stitches and some only 100. The final should be about 1.5" high and I'm about 1/4 done. Will it be done for 12th Night? At this point it is a big unqualified - maybe.

Linn ( finished the pattern for the 2nd half of the front piece of the German gown - a band of blackwork. I have a strip from the collar/cuffs still on the mini-frame which is long enough (10") and wide enough (3") to do the bit. I'll use it to rest between doing the bits of gold. Will it be done for 12th Night - maybe? Of course then I need to stitch the 2 pieces together, line and back them, add the 4"h x 10"w piece of tightly gathered muslin below and sew them together. Will it be done in time to wear? Maybe.

I hate being realistic, but something had to give and it was the Reticella piece. Don't think it will be done or that I'll even push to get it done (sigh). I'm teaching a class on it in April so will want it done before then.

The holidays were good to me and mine. Hope they were for you as well. Now back to stitching and prepping for 12th Night.

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