Friday, December 12, 2003

Grrrrrrrr....I hate Frogggggggiiiiiiiiiinnnnnngggggggg

The husband's collar and cuffs are almost done. A couple more inches to go. He has promised to start the shirt as soon as finals are over (next week).

Started the lace part of the reticella. The set up took forever. Of course I'm using tatting thread so a yard at a time (I hate to stop and start) goes forever, but it also takes soooooooooooooo long to cover anything. It is beginning to look like lace (finally). The original pattern has lots of picots, but I decided that I don't like that many and will only do some where they will make a difference and not look fussy.

Started the gold with silk on silk gauze. Put the first line of gold in. Apparently about half way through I moved down a line. Since I've already ripped it out once - my count was off and in repeats.... So it will be ripppppppppppp again. I know once I have the first line in the rest will move faster, but until then..... yes I know patience is a virtue.

I'll post pics on my website and do the tech changes to this one after 12th Night. Until then stitch, stitch, stitch, do the html for the A&S website and support pages and then cook for 12th Night. It is a very big event here in the Kingdom of the West and with an estimated 1200 people. I am the Kingdom Minister of Arts so I run lots of things to support and promote the Arts. I'll be running all day - 2 displays, 2 contests, court presentations, needlework guild information table and display, and then the big display event where people view your work - ask questions - leave comments - and perhaps tokens of appreciation. Of course I'm running it as well as putting stuff out for presentation.

At least the 12th Night "gifts" are done - 20 Lavendar Bath Salts, 20 Fighter Soak (eucalyptus bath salts), 12 votives candles and 28 pairs of candles decorated with dried flowers. Did those earlier this week with a friend. It helps to have friends to like to do creative stuff (grin).

Don't know if I want them to create a transporter first or perfect cloning.

Okay, the bitching is out of my system - back to the A&S webpages and stitching to the 2 episodes of Miss Marple and then Rumpole tonight.

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