Friday, December 19, 2003

Time is Running Fast

The last month of the year is really hard. Hard because all my deceased family members (includes whole immediate family) had birthdays or date of death from Nov 22nd to Dec 29th. Hard because, in the SCA, 12th Night is such a big event. Hard because, in addition, I'm running events at 12th Night and need to do all the prep. Hard because all the changes to the website need to be done for changing 2003 into 2004. Hard because everyone else has last minute things and you are expected to make way/make time for them and their business. Hard because I set goals I want to make and never leave enough time to met them.

Yesterday was a case in point. Car trouble (2003 - had trouble with 2 of our 3 cars). Took the car in for servicing. "We should get it all done today". So they gave me a loaner and I rescheduled all my errands for over the hill (it may only be less than 15 miles - but it is 30 minutes with no traffic and up to 1 hr. 15 with traffic). I checked back at 12 pm - no messages. Then again at 4 pm wondering whether to go home or pick up my car. Not ready - in the morning. Check back today - "sorry madam, we are just getting to it now". Then they implied that if they can't replicate the problem, and I will get the car back "unfixed". What they don't know is that I teach California Car Warrantly Program Arbitration Panelists. They have another thing coming if they think they can push me around :) I hate the time and energy sink.

Took a step away from stitching and webbed some of my medieval cooking recipes. They are now on bayrose website. Also uploaded the class handouts from several of my classes this year. More, including pics of my recent stitching, in January.

Have been working on my bits - the gold, the reticella and the last cuff. 2 steps forward and one back (rippppppp). Not my week. It is mystery night tonight on PBS - Miss Marple, Maigret and Rumpole. Good stitching time and forward progress I hope.

Happy Chanukah -- and may the joy and peace of the season visit us all.

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