Sunday, November 30, 2003

Now for Something New...

Well, got tired of doing the blackwork bands and since the husband won't start on his shirt for a couple weeks, I have a bit of time ((not)). The sweet man went to Aaron's to get me a matte board for my next project - goldwork on silk gauze. They don't carry a variety anymore and don't do framing in shop. You place your order and wait a week ((sigh)). Don't think I like the idea of not being able to talk to the framer myself. Too many intermediaries and it won't be done right and then... So I'm waiting on my matte board - which will be cut to order.

Decided to try something I've been itching to start, but been a bit afraid to - a real Reticella piece. I've done the linen 32 count square bit, but not a real piece of linen from scratch. I have a lovely piece of 22" by 2 yards that I got in a remnant bin for $1 as it had a stain. A little Zout and stain gone after washing. So took it down from the stash and went in 3" from one corner. Marked with a purple erase marker (couldn't find the blue ones - the "borrowers" must have them) a 2"x2" square. Then back stitched all around - doing 2 threads per stitch. Well, at a guess the linen is around 50 ct and not even, but it won't matter once the square is secure. I am using 80 DMC which is also sold as tatting thread -- strong, fine, and twisted tight. Today is satin stitch the border over the back stitch. Then we cut out the center linen. Finally broke out the Dazor - I really need it for this part. If all goes well, tomorrow is doing the pattern of 4 squares to make a "flower" within the space. Then I need to decide whether to hemstitch, fray, or just roll the hem on my new napkin :). Of course, I may get crazy and do one or 2 additional squares to make it a set flowers in the corner or do a "finished edge" reticella design on one corner.

Good day to stay inside and stitch. It is gray and raining outside and there is ice skating on the TV.

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