Saturday, November 01, 2003

Blackwork Again

I've torn myself away from the beading - which is VERY addictive. For several years I've promised my husband blackwork collar and cuffs and now I've finally gotten a real start. I'm doing a german pattern and my husband will, hopefully, make the shirt up for 12th Night to go with his waffenrock. It is an easy pattern, but takes several passes as it is made up of 3 lines of stitching. Fortunately it is geometric and so I can look at what I previously stitched and don't have to keep looking back at the diagram. Also, it is a true reversible design, which many are not. Although the back won't show it is nice to know it could.

The pattern is from Bronwen's Blackword Library which is a wonderful resource. Boy, do I hate charting stuff from old pattern books.

It feels good to finally be doing this project as it is truly a labor of love for a wonderful man who will appreciate it. I told him it wouldn't be perfect, but it would get done. His response was "I'll wear it out with pleasure anyway".

Have included the URL for my needlework site if anyone is interested. Like all sites it is a work in progress.

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