Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Lucet -- Done

Taught 2 classes - 4 1/2 hours on Sunday on the Lucet. The basic class had 4 students and the intermediate had 3 -- 5 students total for the day. Lots to do and say. With the lucet, a tool for making cording or trim braid, the mechanics are the key. Good mechanics make for good cord.

I surprised myself and got the handouts done a couple days in advance. Actually had time to think about the how of teaching for a couple days :) The husband made me lucets to teach with which made the classes work well.

Spent most of yesterday and part of today working on an article on my historic smocking findings. Will post it all on the web eventually. Of course, I disagree with many people and don't find smocking in the places they do. It will make for lively debate and we will agree to disagree I hope. I truly believe that educated minds can differ which is a novel thought for some people.

Now back to the blackwork. Almost halfway through the first cuff. Preparing a new thread for stitching just before I put the work down, really helps me pick it up again the next time, I am finding. Focus Focus Focus....

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