Sunday, November 16, 2003

So Many Ideas, So Little Time

Sometimes it is really hard to focus on the projects at hand. I want to try it all. Yes, like most people I have a lot of UFO's (for the non-embroidery people - Unfinished Objects/projects). Some I may eventually finish, others were just a "let's try this". There is so much out there to learn about and try.

Am almost done with the husband's collar. He has promised that as soon as I finish the collar he will begin making the shirt. Yes he makes his own shirts and most of it is done by hand. His handwork is better than mine for regular sewing. Guess I'll have to finish the cuffs then or else he won't finish the shirt for 12th Night.

I'm looking forward to 12th Night. Lots of happenings and some of which I am running. I have tons of gifts to make since a lot of people have helped in lots of small ways this past year. I'm getting creative though and will make batches of stuff: bath salts - 2 types - lavendar and fighter soak. And then some decorated candles. I've been pressing and drying pansies from the yard. I may make up a quick batch of beeswax cakes in the form of rose buds, just in case I need more gift things. Lots to do.

Then there is a large display and I want to "show" some of my work. Guess I'd better get some projects finished to show a "body" of work. Yes I'll post pics - but probably to my website (see links) since I can't post here.

Time to focus again. But after I do the handout for my 2 lucet classes next weekend. That will make 9 SCA teaching engagements this year and 4 EGA -- with half of the classes being new. Surprised me when I did the math.

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