Monday, January 05, 2004

12th Night - whew... I Survived!!

Sew Prep Sew Prep... right up to the night before 12th Night. Of course neither the collar/cuffs nor the gold piece was finished, but we put them out for display anyway. Received lots of good feedback on them. Here is a pic of the goldwork taken on Thursday - Jan 2 before I fixed a couple mistakes and did a couple more rows.

Husband managed to put the cuffs together and put in the collar, but the shirt was not completed. The blackwork looks really good if I do say so when incorporated into the shirt.

Went to the hotel on Friday afternoon after cooking all Fri AM. Made 2 batches of chicken hand pies (recipes on website) and a medieval chickpea recipe that is good hot or cold. Bought bread and dessert since I had spent Thursday sewing. Really need to figure out that cloning thing or bi-location.

Fri eve was confirming that all the tables and arrangements were in place for Saturday's happenings and dinner with friends. Then back to the room for more sewing. Up early Saturday. Breakfast in room. Then take 6 loads of stuff down to the event. Thank heavens for the husband and luggage cart. Set up the various display tables and our feast table. The rest of Saturday is a bit of a blur - court, hosting friends, answering questions, answering more questions, encouraging people to compete in the days events, getting the competitions judged, making court presentations, and THEN the display/prize portion of the event. It all went well and was well received.

People liked my goodies (candles and bath salts). The surprising favorite was the "Fighter Soak" - epsom and other bath salts with eucalyptus oil. Received some lovely gifties in return. I'm sure I forgot to give something to someone so will take a few of the leftovers to the next couple events.

Sunday - drive home and unpack the car. Today I'm finally feeling alive again. Plan on doing more work on the gold this week and maybe the Reticella piece. Received some validation on the "takes bloody long" part of doing the Reticella piece. A friend is doing a 10" x 2" cutwork piece and experiencing the same.

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