Sunday, January 11, 2004

A Change In Plans - Alaska here we come

Our medieval group has a big event in Anchorage next weekend. We have very good friends there and have been wanting to visit. So...husband managed to get the all clear for time off work and 2 hours later the plans were made to go to Alaska.

Having made that change, then sent email off to others who were asking if we were coming and said yes. Then I needed to make good on my offer to teach one of the ladies basic goldwork. Now it seems I'm teaching a class of 10 on Saturday. Time to look at the handout which is 2 years old and revise it.

I've been wanting to do a fun modern piece with metal thread and laidwork - an altoids tin topper. Started in on Thursday and have been working evenings on it. Might even have most of it done to take as a show piece. Not what I'm supposed to get done, but its fun!

Now off to prepare to pack - 3 medieval gowns with all the accoutrements plus regular clothes. Hi today is 19 degrees so need to haul out the cold weather gear.
Now is that one or 2 suitcases just for me for 6 days?

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