Wednesday, January 28, 2004

So Much to do So Little Time to Stitch, But Wait there is more

Went to my local EGA yesterday. The class was smocking and even though I've taken classes decided to take another. Things are finally beginning to really make sense on the stitches - hurrah.

I opened my mouth and volunteered again (sigh). They desparately needed someone to do the set up for the local touring sewing/craft/quilting/embroidery expo. So I'll set up (with the wonderful husband - with strong back and car that can carry everything) and then go back the next day and sit table.

They also were taking sign ups for a Crazy Quilt Bargello Class with Beth Gardner and Susan Hulme. A 2 day class which uses bargello as a method for teaching color theory. I think I understand a lot about colors, but it never hurts to learn more. So went off to purchase the 40 DMC skeins it calls for, but couldn't find 3 (grump) even after hitting 3 stores. The class is either 18 ct or Congress Cloth. Since I have Congress Cloth at home, I'll use it even though every one else is using 18 ct. Also I have many of the colors in silk so may take some to substitute. It was very interesting picking out the colors - lots of "poison colors" in addition to the color runs. The class also calls for "a variety of metallics" so guess it is stash raiding time. Will have the husband put the fabric on the stretcher bars this weekend since they insist on using them. I much prefer to do needlepoint in hand and then do the blocking thing.

Also "volunteered" to be the back up teacher for the March meeting. They think they have someone, but no confirmation as yet. So thinking quick decided a voided work book mark would be just the thing - something people can have fun with, use, and finish in this life time. Now to design it just in case. I have commercial bookmarks at home that I pick up on spec for my blackwork classes. Prefer the 14 ct to the 18 ct for teaching beginners usually but will need to see what works best for the voided work. I'm thinking some of the leaf patterns out there would work well.

Our own Linn is the May class - one of her blackwork with metallic ornaments. I'm excited about her Thistle Sampler. Her Rose Sampler is one of my favorites, if I can only find the time to do it.

Still need to finish the Goldwork band and the accompanying blackwork band for my dress. Need to finish the Reticella napkin and do the class handout and model - April. Need to develop the Metal Thread Couching class on Coils and Tendrils - Oct Crown. Need to develop the 3 raised stitches class - Detached Buttonhole, Trellis and Hollie Point - Oct Collegium. Not to mention working on the stitch database - what stitch used how and when for the June Class. Think this will be a busy year.

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