Monday, November 15, 2004

2nd Column Hits Newstands

It is a wonderful feeling to be in print. It is a type of validation, whether deserved or not, that is hard to beat.

My 2nd column in Needlepoint Now is hitting the newstands now. Apparently the first column was well received and I hope the 2nd will be as well. I'm finishing up the next one and will have it winging its way off tomorrow. Then on to the next one.
Do let me know what you think. It is hard writing in a bit of a vacuum.

As for my current stitching, all work and no play makes Sabrina very dull. October went by very quickly - what with the prep for 3 classes, including one new one from scratch. Then long hours of work for the last couple weeks. I'm feeling in need of a creative fix so will do a bit on the Crazy Quilt Bargello piece this week. Spent some time last week choosing colors and patterns for 2 sections.

Now back to work on the column.

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