Thursday, November 18, 2004

Slowly Getting the Little Tasks Done

It seems to be a rule of the universe that it takes forever to get through all the paperwork and little details that appear. Moreover it seems like the little gremlins of this world take great delight in piling more and more paperwork and details onto already overloaded desks. Slowly I am working my way through the piles of accumulated stuff on and around my desk (sigh). Have finally posted the last 2 handouts from my classes on my website - Shading and 3 Raised Stitches. Of course the usual caveats apply - they are not complete in themselves having been designed to be used as part of a class. That said - enjoy!

I'd rather be stitching, but it seems I need to either stitch or do typing - the nerves and muscles seem to complain otherwise (drat!). Now back to more paperwork -- all those almost year end tasks.

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