Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Dyeing More and Having Fun

Hard to believe a week has flown by. It seems like I just blogged yesterday.

Did round 1 of walnut dyeing - and was a bit disappointed. It was suggested that I only needed to basically bring to a boil and let sit overnight. Well -- that results in light coloration. Did round 2 yesterday and got lots of wonderful color - but had the pot simmering for 8 hours. Also made a batch of walnut ink. Really it is just concentrated dye and a lovely warm brown - or black if you add iron. Yes there will be pics. Round 3 tomorrow. What is taking all the time really is the documentation that needs to accompany the Arts and Science entries. The vines is 6 pages, the walnut dye - 8 pages, and now to do the walnut ink. Thought I'd left term papers behind long ago.

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