Monday, March 07, 2005

Living Life to the Fullest

Whew!!!! Just when I thought things were on track, we took a left turn. Thursday night the husband noticed a cruise promotion - 3 weeks, The Amazon to Rome via Senegal, Morocco, Gibraltar, Barcelona, Cannes, and other points in between. He got me out of bed and said - "looks like fun". I grumped, agreed it was interesting and went back to bed. Friday AM I asked if he was serious, because it would mean leaving in 5 weeks, my canceling the RSN class, being gone for nearly a month, getting shots, getting my passport renewed asap, and 8 days of cruising (for someone who doesn't do nothing well)..... He said yes. So....I jumped on the phone and booked the trip.

When something that is fun and special comes along - you just have to grab on with both hands and go for it. It was the first time in several years that I've seen him really excited about something (besides graduation). So we do it. I wouldn't have done the Amazon on its own, nor would I have done Senegal, but the other stops and the opportunity for a real vacation in neat places -- its a go for me too. We are still reeling from the reality, but - sometimes you just got to do it.

Now we scramble. Ordered the new laptop that I've been thinking about -- well we need a place to put all the pictures we will take. Perhaps even prepare uploads/webpages of the trip as we go. Called around for where to get shots. Yellow Fever shots are only given in certified places, so...Got the passport pics and sent it Express Mail with Express Mail return and extra fast processing request dollars. Cancelled the RSN class, the hotel and plane flight. Ordered workout clothes that I'm willing to be seen in (versus the home stuff). And then there are the million other things to do. Not to mention I need to have my next column in 2 weeks early. I will be running fast.

AND then I went off Saturday to a class on dyeing with Anne Frazier of Gloriana Threads. A fabulous class. Yes I'll post pics later this week. I had previously taken a class on dip dyeing using cotton threads and some cotton fabrics. This was all silk (threads- white, ecru, and blue, ribbon, and fabric) and included space and marbelized dyeing. I'm hooked!!!!!!!!! Lots of fun and lots to learn. It was also a good class on color theory and application.

It also just wet my appetite for what we will do in Linn's class - Wild and Wonderful on June 3rd. Endless possibilities -- the mind boggles.

For now back to work. I have to keep the nose to the grindstone if I am to get everything done in time to go away on a REAL vacation. Now I wonder what needlework project(s) I should take with me??

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