Thursday, March 03, 2005


Running fast these days. Did a rewrite on the pulled work column for the Guild newsletter. Eventually it will be webbed and put on the website as well -- if anyone is interested. Completed and submitted the Blackwork Bands column - the next installment for Needlepoint Now. I really like the way the project turned out. Sometime it really is Keep It Simple (grin). Many thanks to Linn for providing the charts for the project and an example of Blackwork Bands. It really is difficult to come up with enough pictures that have no museum linkage or other copyright issues to show what the **** I am talking about in the column. Pictures really are worth a thousand words; especially when my whole column is usually around 1000 words. Did the project in Dinky Dyes silks - I really love them - color and handle. Easily my favorites if I can use an overdyed.

This is my year for a makeover. I've made the decision (I think) to stop coloring my hair and let the natural color (or lack thereof) show. It will take awhile for it to grow out and I may have some frustrating moments, but I think it will be okay. When it gets a bit more out there, I'll get the hair cut and then let it regrow to shoulder length. I've also started talking Pilates classes once a week. Husband and I are also doing a class once a week for the month of March to get him started too. We are also doing more dancing. We would like to try for weekly, but it may be 2x month. In addition, I am continuing and getting more involved in getting rid of stuff -- so much stuff I'm feeling a bit bogged down in it and need to unload. So up went the ebay store. It takes forever to get the stuff uploaded, but it will happen slowly. I've already had my first customer, so have paid for the first month in 1 day. We shall see how it goes. I know the more stuff I have up the more I can get out the door. Don't worry - none of the stash is going on the auction block.

I've also developed another addiction. When I was at Estrella, I took a class in Viking Chain Weaving. It is a metal wire jewelry technique that dates to Viking times. I like it a lot and have been spending far too much time on it. I'll post pics soon.

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