Thursday, June 09, 2005

Explanations Not Excuses

Got back from the trip. Had cases lined up to do immediately. Then decompression. Been running fast ever since.

Yes I'm stitching, but I'm going to keep it a secret until it is finished. Then I'll share all. Needless to say it took time to research. Time to decide on the design. Time to plan the stitches and threads. Since I haven't had a lot of extra time, I've been fitting it in here and there. Fortunately (or unfortunately) it has been pledge break time on PBS. There have been some good programs to keep me company when I could find the time to stitch.

Still not all caught up from the trip. It is hard to regain the reins of so many desparate activities. Need to followup on all the (it seems like the proverbial 20 million) little things that make up daily life. Really need to get stuff back up on ebay. My store items either expired or sold while I was away. Need to finish planning my next column on historic cross stitch. Proofed the one submitted last. Hope the picture is good enough for you all to see the marvelous detail and effect of the metallic threads. It was really difficult to get a good clear picture. Need to prep for the next garage sale. I promised the husband that we would be able to park in the garage this winter......

Bought some wonderful wool and cotton threads. Wish I had time to do more inkle weaving. Managed to get one afternoon to sit and knit with a friend. I had forgotten so much (well it has been nearly 40 years since I knitted) and I needed a primer. It was a lovely relaxing afternoon -- very civilized.

Need to blog more. Need to prep for June Crown -- I'm giving a dinner party with all medieval/renaissance foods. Need to finish the beaded thank-yous for the 18 people in the Guild who are doing Rose Pouches for Pennsic. Need to get out the invites for the husband's birthday bash in July. Lots to do!

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