Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Process of Creative Thought

Several months ago I offered to create thank-yous for the people who are doing major projects for the Guild. I had seen and ordered silver bookmarks and wanted to do some sort of beaded tassel thingie as the decoration. Bought the bookmarks. I buy beads that fit the medieval bead look- feel - profile whenever I see good ones, so I have a stash. Then came the hard part -- the decision of what to design for the tassel thingie.

Looked at the single large bead with thread tassel. Looked at the several beads on a cord of various types with knot or no knots between. Looked at beads on a ribbon - actually lots of different ribbon styles. Finally settled on a style after lots of experimentation.

Managed to make 8 yesterday. Broke 5 #24 needles (used to thread the ribbon through the beads) in the process. Need to do 18 by Friday. Nothing like leaving it to the last minute (grin). I'll take a picture and post it of the total batch.

For now back to sewing -- yes it is also due Friday.

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