Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Column Done - What's Next

Finished writing the next column yesterday and submitted it. It is on Historic Cross Stitch. Thanks to my friend Chris Laning, for use of her project and stitched things. Using cross stitch is not really my thing. If it needs to be cross stitch for me, it should be long arm and usually voided work. Next column, due Sept 1st is on Pattern Darning.

Now off to prepare the handouts for the 2 classes I am giving at our A&S (Arts and Sciences) event in 3 weeks. One class is on voided work. I want to do something a bit different from what I've done in the past, so new handout and new project. Then I'm doing a new class on Finishing Touches: Buttons. Definitely a new/old topic for me Did them a loooooong time ago, but of course there is much new information out now so off to create the handout. Of course all will be posted on our website eventually.

I've been wanting to reorg the website for some time. Don't know when it will get done. This weekend is my local EGA Board meeting at my house. Next weekend is the husbands birthday BBQ - about 25 people. The following weekend is A&S. Then off to Costume College - a weekend of classes on costuming in LA. We will be going early to catch the Illumination and Textiles exhibit at the Getty and then the Tut exhibition. Then... you get the idea.

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