Monday, July 18, 2005

You know you are part of the needlework world when...

Between party prep, relatives, and doing the competition documentation, I've been reading Monica Ferris's Crewel Yule. I should start by saying that I was hooked on her works many years ago when she wrote Murder at the War as Mary Monica Pulver which was then reprinted as Knights Tale. I always thought she told a good tale and was very good at making you feel "there".

When Monica started the needlework mystery series several years ago, she knew nothing about needlework or it world. I knew little more, but I knew people who in turn knew people. They were kind enough to introduce me around, although I didn't know I was meeting the cream of the needlework world back then.

Crewel Yule takes place at what is obviously THE Nashvile Needlework Market. I haven't been since I'm not a production designer or shop owner. It is a fairly good read if you don't know "the people". It is really fun read if you do.

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