Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Hot -- I Don't Do Hot -- alright I did do hot, but

Saturday was A&S in Gilroy. It was 104 down in the city and no telling what it was where we were up the mountain. Little shade. For the classes we used pavilions -- without the sides up except to create shade so we could take advantage of the little breeze.

We arrived early enough for the husband to partake of the excellent pancake breakfast fundraiser. Entered my 4 contests - Poem: Topic Beauty, Horse Barding, Heraldic Banner and Preserved Foods. For the preserved foods I had done Artichokes and Pickled Cheese (thank-you Cathy -- although I did it differently :). For the Heraldic Banner, I did a tournment banner for the husband - used cotton and painted it so lost some points there for fabric and machine sewing. For the Poem, I performed, at the lunch break, a Sestina that I wrote. A sestina is a form - 6 stanzas with the same last words in each of the 6 lines, but the order varies in a set pattern. Then a 3 line concluding stanza with the words used - 2 in each line also in a set pattern. For the Horse Barding I did -- see below. At least now they know I have s sense of humor :)

After lunch, I taught 2 classes back to back. Cloth covered buttons - relatively easy to do once you get the hang of it. Then another class on voided work. Half the class did the single motif and the other half were more experienced and jumped into the band. Both were VERY well attended. Yes I'll post the handouts.

I won the poem and the banner contests and the overall points. At this point I have enough points to qualify for the Poppy Run (see prior posts). Now any additional entries are attempts to increase my scores - they take the top 8 providing each category (4) are represented. My husband says I should quit beating myself up. Yes I could have done better, but I have more points now than others have had in the past and won, so....Yes I know it is the Virgo perfection thing. The judges seem to like my documentation -- I like doing the research. It is the paper writing I get fed up with, but it is a good discipline. At some point I'll put all my projects and documentation up on the website.

Now to put the house back in some sort of order after the projects and party. I seem to live in chaos, but that isn't my preferred mode. Also, it probably would be good to get more stuff up on ebay - the current batch doesn't seem to be selling (sigh).

Warped the loom last night with wool to do an inkle project. The incoming queen does inkle beautifully and I offered to make some "gifty" type things for her. I had planned on bookmarks, but the wool is very fuzzy. Bought the wool for the finger braiding class I'm taking at Costume College. Have been pushing for such classes at A&S for the prior 2 years. This year there were 3 classes. I've done basic before, but hope to do more fancy stuff.

Off to Tut, the Getty and Costume College in the am. Will see part of Will's family on this trip and a couple groups of friends too. It feels funny going to Costume College without any costumes. Maybe I'll take my middle easterns - they are comfortable and cool.

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