Thursday, October 20, 2005

And the Beat Goes On

Not much new to post. Working on the next column. Did the proofs on the last column and HOPE that the pictures that appeared grainy really are okay.

Saturday is CATS and I'll go to the Kogin Pillow class. It appears to be a type of pattern darning - Japanese style. At least it will be a new take on the method. Need to do a bit of shopping and hope Grip It will be there.

Friday is the 20th Anniversary of the Bay Area Regency Society's 1st ball. I was there and we will be going to the ball on Friday evening. Time flies.

Been doing more on the Icelandic pattern darning piece. Lots of fun in a counted sort of way. Fortunately there are so many double checks that it is hard to go wrong. Took the piece with me to a professional conference last friday. It was old home week since I was on the Board for 4 years. The stitching kept me sane through the meeting. There was even some good informantion to be had. They had come a long way since I was in there bitching and pitching for the organization. Growth is good.

Duplex fell through - sigh! Back to ebay and amazon for the little stuff. Will try Craig's list for some of the bigger furniture.

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