Thursday, April 05, 2007

Life Takes Precedence Over Plans

It has been quite a week. Last Thursday, I wa already to go out when our youngest cat indicated to me that he was having breathin difficulty. We had thought that he was trying to have his first hairball, but it looked a bit different. Off to the vet! Diagnosis - Pickwick has asthma
He got a shot and inhalant. Relief was on the way. He stayed overnight and we picked him up on Friday. Meds - 1 pregnisone daily plus some antibiotics to ensure no lasting problems from the mucus. Saturday 6 am he had another attack. Gave him his pregnisone early and still no relief an our later. Off to the vet for another puff of inhalant! No Coronet for Husband or me.
Frantic house cleaning ensues to ensure all possible allergens that can be eliminated are gone. Since there have been winds and field clearing near us, that is the probable cause, but you never know.
Pickwick came home later in the day. Pregnisone 2x daily for 5 days then taper off to maintenance dosage. Inhalent pill version for emergencies. Husband stayed home and I went off to Aja's memorial celebration.
Indeed it was a celebration. Lots of old timers including some from Florida (Doug & Lorna) and Oregon (James). Lots of laughs and some tears. Yes I have pics of her work for the history site.
Pickwick is doing well on 2 pills. I've been staying home mostly to ensure all okay. Yesterday was the first day out -- had to do the the makeup and stocking thing for a professional meeting. I'm so out of practice (sigh). Now we begin the taper off. I'll be home mostly so I can be there for him. Hope all goes well. War looms in our future next weekend so will have to alert the pet sitter (she comes 2x day).
Now back to working on the plans for the UK trip. Getting excited! Need to do the homework for the sweetbag class - tent stitch in flat silk on linen canvas.

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Linn said...

Ohhhhhhhh. Give Pickwick a cuddle for me.