Friday, April 27, 2007


This will be a short post from your friendly neighborhood internet cafe. Linn you know the one - in the Psychic Mews. Finally getting over the jet lag. The flight was lovely - business class and all, but still long and the time change gets to you no matter what. We are in the basement room of a converted Victorian/hotel. Will bumps his head on the door coming our of the room periodically.

Day 1 was the Museum of London. Expensive taxi ride but we were tired having just arrived on the plane. Half the museum is closed for renovations. Few if any textile items and nothing post 1660. Good displays of what they did have. Wish I had been able to see the sleeve with buttons and buttonholes BEFORE I gave the class -- pics in books just are not the same. Back to the hotel - early dinner, explore Queensway shops and to bed.

Up this am and off to the V&A. Half of it is closed for renovations and several more rooms - like the textile room with the slipcase, were closed due to lack of staff (colds, flu, etc.). Walked up almost to Harrods. Found powdered Coffeemate - no liquid. Soy milk is around - but we don't have refridgeration.

Excellent dinner at Wodka. Went there 10 years ago on our honeymoon (say ahhhhh). Now I'm battling an unfamiliar keyboard. Tomorrow Portobello. Will call and see if the V&A has staffing to open THE ROOM!!!!!

All for now -- ta ta (I'm getting in practice)

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Linn said...

Hope you are enjoying yourself. Hope the textile Frames room was staffed. It always seems to be one of the first to go when they are short-staffed.

Hope Portobello was GREAT.

Yep, know the restaurant, know the internet cafe. Green with envy