Monday, May 21, 2007

Home Sweet Home

Is it already Monday??? Saturday was training from Edinburgh to London. Very good thing that we had reserved seats on the train. The prior train was leaving after ours due to delays. Shared the car with a group of Scots off to see a soccer game outside of London. They partied hardy for the 5 hours of the trip. They were a bit loud, but quite friendly. Lovely countryside for most of the trip -- and we were on the ocean side of the train.

Easy night in London since it was sandwiched between long travel days. Up early on Sunday to get the private car to the airport -- something about 4 people and 7 bags. Ran the gauntlet of Heathrow to our plane. Thank heaven for flying business class - 70 pounds per bag permitted (versus 50) and expedited handling for us and our bags; well worth the miles to upgrade. Long uneventful flight home. As always the movies I'd have liked to see were playing for the reverse flights.

Home by 2 pm California time. The cats duly shed fur all over us. Picked up mail today and will do a quick sort for bills. My sampler arrived. Will unpack it tomorrow. Tomorrow is my local EGA meeting including Board meeting. Have to remember to switch my wallet back to US currency and remember how to drive in the am. Will try to stay up past 8 pm tonight to try to get back on schedule.

It is good to be home! The yard is in bloom -- the roses have burst with color and the bearded iris are a glow. We are beginning to get stocks with 4-5 blossoms so need to get them staked up. Home is quiet! Hadn't realized how quiet or rather how noisy city life and travel can be. It is good to be home.

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