Friday, May 18, 2007

Scotland in 4 days or less

The typical Scotish weather finally arrived so consider everything to be a bit damp. Drove up to Stirling and its castle. The castle itself is in disrepair but the outbuildings and walls are in good repair. Will had fun running around identifying what was built when and what was changed. It must have been a fabulous place when it was first occupied. The kitchens are very well done and show how they were used. They also have a house done up like a 17th wealthy merchant's. It is relatively well done as well.

Stopped by the Falkirk Wheel on the way back at the suggestion of one of our needlework classmates. It moves barges in lieu of a series of locks. Fascinating!!!!

Then off to Glasgow yesterday. A fast pass through the Burrell -- sooooooo much stuff and it is all so fabulous. Took pics but no flash. Fortunately if I really want a pic I can order them. Then off to the Kelvingrove which has just reopened. It is set up to attract children and inquisitive minds, not for the researcher. That said, what they had out was wonderful and the display was very innovative. Met up with a friend of a friend for a drink in a classic Glaswegian pub.

Today was off to Rosselyn Chapel. It truly is an awesome place. Too bad it is being overrun with tourists. The carving is quite incredible. It is small - 100 people would fill it easily. Yes we got pics, including some of the 100+ green men. Drove through town to drop off friends at the pier (Britannia) and then back to our local area to drop off the car. Will does quite well in traffic as well as the motor way -- even with 6 gears being shifted with his left hand.

Train tomorrow to London. It won't be feasible to stop in York so will have to have them ship the slate frames to me. Then back home on Sunday. It has all been wonderful, but I am ready to come home; after all I seem to be in need of a application of fur. Surely the cats will help when I am home.

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Su said...

Phew! Sounds like the trip was great, you probably saw more of the country than most locals do.

Next time, we'll come for a tour of the US and you can show Mike the sights. I hope your flight home was easy and not too exhausting.

-Mike and Su