Sunday, May 06, 2007

more adventures

when last we left our intrepid adventurer.... dinner at the most marvelous Indian place, Khan's. On the way we walked through a market with wonderful sweets - baklava and Turkish Delight leaped into a shopping bag on the way through.

Up early -- on Monday to train to Manchester. The B&B was called a conference center....NOT! The beds and baths were clean, but -- sigh they don't understand coffee or even decent food. The Indian food, since it was on the "curry mile", lacked after the prior evening. The Whitworth had some very special items. It is small and very little is on display. Definitely an "appointment needed" place. The Platt had some oh-my-g_d items - forhead cloth and matching coif - never used, a blackwork coif - never used and definite done by a pro, a boys jacket like the coif, then there were the gloves -- they had 4 sets out on display......

Met up with Su & Mike -- www.tillerman.beads for dinner at a favorite pub. Fun night. And THEN we got to play in the beads (big grin).

Up early to travel to Macclesfield Silk Museum and Mill. It was Wednesday so Malcolm was doing the tour. He was in the industry for 50 years and gave a FAB tour. He also could work ALL the equipment in the Mill. WAAAAAAY Cool! Quick lunch in the car and off to Haddon Hall -- neat to see a 12th C hall in somewhat pristine condition. Just missed the Tudor Food weekend. The ovens were still hot!

Off to the B&B in Bakewell. Wonderful bed and full breakfast -- with Derbyshire oatcakes (yummy). Still no decent coffee (sigh). Full day - first Chatsworth and then Hardwick Hall. Chatsworth was fab!!! and they are lovely people - the wardens. Hardwick -- no photos (big cry!). There are examples in the embroidery of items that others tell me aren't around for another 50-100 years. Long day - slept well. Up early on Friday to drive to Appleby.

But first a stop in Todmorden to see Mike in his studio and Su's barge - Cutwork. Wonderful visit! Managed to miss most of the Bank Holiday traffic (like Memorial Day for those of us in the US) on the way. Will did a great job of driving freeway to narrow roads and parking on the wrongside of the road.

In Appleby, we are staying with a friend of the tutors in an addition to a farmhouse about 3 miles out of town. Old farmhouse. Lovely people. Will has to duck in some areas of the house and doorways.

Saturday they took us on a drive through the Lake District. Lovely scenery! They took us to Wordsworth's house and the adjacent museum - Dove Cottage. First editions galore and a private talk and tour. Then they brought out some textiles - just for our viewing. In the evening there was reception for us with the Lord Mayor at Moot Hall.

Today was our first class day. We are divided into 3 groups. I started with the stitching and will progress to cords and then metal thread. Today's lecture was on Swetebags -- neat pics and lots of info. More coming. Todays stitches - detached buttonhole with return and hollie point.

Will sign off for now and hope to have more regular internet access as we go forward.

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Su said...

Will almost had to duck in the boat too. We're glad you had fun, and sorry to see you go. The guys are welcome to come back and play with fire if they get bored.

-Mike and Su