Sunday, August 08, 2010


How could I forget how much fun it is to work with ribbon or fabric and do ruching! This flower was from a class with a lady who teaches needlework, embroidery and design a local sewing center. Her bags are works of art and they were all decorated with ruching!

This flower is silk charmeuse cut on the bias and done with zigzag ruching. The leaves are 2 types of ribbon. I've done a bit of ribbon work with Candace Kling who is the goddess of ribbon work. If you can find her book - get it!

Hmmmm now I have all these ideas running around my head just when I need to concentrate on a big project.


Elmsley Rose said...

I'm about to make my first ribbon embroidery project, for a friend's b'day.

I'll go put Candace King's book on my Amazon wishlist - I'm sure if you recommend it, it's good.

Is it possible to get the instructions for the ruched ribbon rose and it's leaves from you? Or are they copyright?

(put au, not australia)

Even just the leaves - they are different to the designs I have, and the more different leaves, the better!

I'm doing a selection of flowers in an oval, with a larger "Vintage Rose" as a centrepiece.

It uses French Wired Ribbon, from VintageVogue.

The instructions for it, and some lovely Ruffled Leaves, are in her blog (linked to from her website), and the French wired ribbon seems only to be available from her. She has instructions for other flowers on her blog as well.


Elmsley Rose said...

I've put The Artful Ribbon on interlibrary reserve. It sounds just great!

Sabrina said...

copyrighted - sorry

Rachel said...


Elmsley Rose said...

No worries.

The violets on the VintageVogue site are ruched, if you are interested.

I've had a lovely e-mail conversation with Di van Niekerk and she's helped me with the needles I need. A very sweet and helpful lady :-)