Sunday, September 12, 2010

Busy Times

The kittens helped us pack but failed to contribute enough fur to hold me over for the full time away. Sept 1 was pack the MDX full (well at least 2 full hotel carts full) for the move to the San Francisco Marriott Marquis. Sept 2-3-4 were Board meetings - 8 + hours a day.

On the evening of the 3rd a group of us went to the Impressionist exhibit at the DeYoung. It was fascinating to see the paintings of an era all together. I've been to Degas, Monet, and other single artist exhibits, but this really set the stage to understand their youth and development. Impressionists are not my thing, but I can appreciate them.
The 4th evening was a birthday party for a fellow board member. She threw herself a party and invited the Board along. It was a lovely social evening.

Then the work really began.
The EGA National Seminar - classes started on the 3rd and ran through the 10th. Over 600 people, including 32 teachers from around the world (5 were international), 2 banquets, tours, a dozen lectures and other special events, a boutique with a huge bookstore, 2 needlework shops and 3 other shops, displays and more displays, AND a Merchandise Day with about 50 vendors. Our theme was Stitching on the Barbary Coast.

Beginning with the opening Banquet, I was in Victorian costume every day and evening -- 1 ball gown, 3 day gowns with appropriate hair, jewelry and makeup. I also wore a hat and gloves on Merchandise Day - after all I was shopping (even if it was indoors :). As Region Director, for the hosting Region, I felt it was important to be The Hostess for the event. This included sitting head table for both opening and closing banquets (with Will also dressed appropriately in Victorians for the opening and Tux for closing), doing the Invocations, Welcoming and Farewell speeches, pulling raffle tickets, making announcements, and directing the hordes as appropriate. Yes I can be heard across a loud lobby :). Wednesday night we went to Beach Blanket Babylon. It was fabulous, and as a VERY special event, the Director came out after and answered questions for about 30 minutes. I also hosted a social for our Region, attended the Annual Meeting, attended a lecture by Autumn from Dark Garden on Corsets, etc.

I took 2 classes - Michelle Roberts' Goldwork Poppy and Deanna Powell's Barbary Bangle (beaded bracelet). I will do a separate post on the classes themselves. While I had a few things that periodically made me late to class, I wasn't pulled out for any emergencies. The event flowed smoothly in large thanks to the fabulous and hardworking Seminar Committee and the many volunteers. Think I had 1 dinner to myself and half a lunch. In my "off time", I strolled around and gave out spot awards for wearable art. Each day had a theme. My goal was 100 awards, but I barely managed to give out half. In part because I was soooooooo busy and in part because it was a new concept.

Will came up about every other day to participate in various things. He was a hit in his Victorians and dashing in his tux. The ladies wanted to auction him off in the Thursday night live auction, but he said no.

All in all a good time - a fun time - a refreshing time.

Then yesterday we went to the gem show. Will bought me my birthday gift :) I make it easy on him - we just go to our favorite jeweler. Usually he is the one that spots the item for the gift. He has good taste :)

Now off to do the mundane chores the pile up when you are gone.


Rissa said...

I did bring my vest, just for the event! Seriously, you did an amazing job and looked great doing it my friend. As soon as I get home, I can see what the pictures look like!

Elmsley Rose said...

It all sounds lovely - and that you worked very hard!

Looking forward to pics of the class pieces

Rachel said...

Sounds like a busy but fascinating few days!