Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Seminar Class Musings

First - I will not share pics of the class projects. The projects are copyright by the designers so....
I took 2 classes. I was careful not to choose classes that would fill during early registration as I didn't feel that it would be fair to other students knowing that I could be pulled out of class at any time and for any amount of time. I also chose classes that I felt my absence would not create a drag on the teacher or other students. That said - I did get my choices. As a courtesy to the teacher, I also notified each of the possibility that I might get pulled out or be late on my "returns", kept my cell phone on vibrate, and sat in an easily accessible place in class to enter/leave without disruption.

Michelle Roberts - Golden Poppies
Michelle is an excellent Goldwork teacher and as followers of my blog know, I can never do enough goldwork. She was one of my first goldwork teachers - her Napolean's Bee. This class was a great review and there were several "ah ha" moments in class for me. I asked if she minded my using a slate frame rather than stretcher frame, tacs and lacing and she made me show it off. We transferred the pattern using tissue and stitching which was a first for me. I knew of the technique but had not done it before. She also talked a lot about how the gold bullion bits were made and what made each unique. While I am sure I've heard it before, it makes more sense to me now that I have spent more time with the different bits and understand working with them better. Didn't get much done in class, but it was a great 2 refresher for me.

Deanna Powell - Barbary Bangle
Deanna is a former President of EGA and long time teacher. I had not taken from her before and I needed to up my beading game. The bangle is effectively 2 bracelets with flat peyote, flat herringbone - both wide and narrow, and peyote bezel. Lovely materials as well - 24 carat gilded beads. Glad the techniques were not too difficult since I my brain was fried by the end of Seminar (days 9 and 10 for me due to Board meetings). I was able to get the gems set and the peyote and herringbone to lay nicely. As I keep saying I am a tension-holic so getting the right tension was important to me.

Off on vacation for the rest of the month. Will take the bangle with me to finish since it will go with an outfit I plan on wearing. The vacation was planned before we got the kittens so have arranged live in care for them while we are gone.

Have posted pics of me in the Victorian outfits on my Facebook account. Not the best pics since I look really tired in each. I know there are better ones out there, but I don't have them - yet.

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