Monday, September 13, 2010


Before I left for Seminar I attended a class at my local chapter on embellishment. The teacher covered how to do some fancy beading, working with Angelina, capturing stuff behind veiling, etc. Lots of ideas of things to do!

Then at Seminar we had an ATC Board - bring/make 1 and take 1 on Friday. Some brought several. I brought 4. I traded 2 and put 2 on the board for general trading.

These were from an introduction to ATCs that I did for our Region Meeting a few months ago. The idea was to dimystify the how of doing ATCs. The hardest part for most people is getting past the empty canvas. With acrylic paints in tubes, I did some graffitti on a piece of Aida cloth. It was interesting to see which paints would just soak in and which would actually "paint". The metallic copper worked well as a top layer. Then I cut the piece apart before adding embroidery and beads. The backing is Timtex (?sp) - glue for 3 and edge stitched for 1. Think I like the glue better. They aren't fine art, but they were fun!


Chris Laning said...

What does ATC stand for and what is Angelina? All this newfangled modern stuff..... (big grin)

Sabrina said...

Angelina is a fiber that when heated bonds to itself.
ATC = Artist Trading Card (think baseball trading card but in various mediums)