Thursday, February 19, 2004

Lots Going On - little stitching

Haven't been blogging lately. Too much running around. Some fun. Some not so fun. Went to the Antique Show with a girl friend - good time and spent too much money. Well I really neeeeeeddddded the 2 19th C Vernis fans.

The SUV died when we were going to the war practice last weekend. 3rd time is the charm. Spent lots of time researching options. So went this weekend and bought another. I hate car shopping!

Its tax time......lots of paperwork prep (sigh). It is nice that I have it too worry about, but sometimes it is a pain in the ....

Had an idea for a voided work (not just Assisi) bookmark. Found a pattern that was the right size - 9" at 14ct and the right number of squares wide. It charted like a dream. Began stitching it. At 14ct to get adequate coverage you need 3 threads. It looses too much detail. Back to the drawing board.

Today was brain candy day. Class with Susan Hulme and Beth Gardner - Crazy Patch Bargello - see example. I understand bargello, but we really got into color theory. Now some of the things I do or have problem with make sense. It was lots of fun. I will have to post pics soon.

Tired now. Set up for the Craft Expo this evening with the wonderful husband and will "man" the booth for the first shift tomorrow am early. The basket people are back and can pick up an oval upright basket in the same style as the round ones I like. Happy stitching.

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