Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Musings on Technical Aptitude and Stitching

Have been spending nearly all my "work" time on adding to my stitch database. While not a "formal" database, it is a listing of extant items and the stitches/techniques used on them. I'm finding that I'm horrible at maintaining any sense of continuity in the way I do the data input. It is almost as frustrating to me as following a chart or counting threads. This leads me to wonder about different abilities and how they relate to stitching.

When I teach blackwork bands, I find that stitchers with a math or engineering background catch on really quickly. When I teach surface embroidery, especially with bits that need to be random, the more social science/art stitchers catch on quicker. All seem to be able to overcome the "obstacles", but enjoyment and ease of learning seem to be affected. Perhaps some Ph.d student will some day create an Aptitude Test based on stitching. Who knows, stranger things have happened.

Am off to reward myself with some surface embroidery - lots of long and short and stem stitch on a drawn design.

PS The weekend of ceremonies and celebrations went well; even with 2 and 3 parties/events packed into each day. The husband is, in his words "DONE"!!!!!!!!! and the graduation only proves it. Thank-you all for your support and congratulations.

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