Thursday, June 24, 2004

Time Marches On

Haven't felt like blogging lately. With the death of Martha Schmidt on June 8/9th, whom I saw, took classes from and made special arrangements for next year and followed by the death of a dear friend on June 19th, it has been a bit hard to feel creative.

I've been putting all my efforts into preparing for this weekend's Collegium class on Sideless Surcoats. It has been 20 years since I've taught this class, so no prior handout or notes. Had to pretty much start from scratch. Then there is all the wonderful research and books that have come out in the last few years to incorporate. The handout is 12 fully loaded pages of graphics with a little commentary and yes I'll post it on my website next week.

Then it is prep time for West An Tir War. I am coordinating 3 competitions and giving 3 classes. I've had less than 1 month to get it all together and the teachers are not jumping up and volunteering. Needless to say, I'm filling in more than I probably should to make sure it looks like a full track.

So back to focusing on finishing the handout. Need to finish my canvaswork furnishings column too next week (sigh).

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