Tuesday, June 08, 2004

One Thread at a Time

Not much happening beyond stitching and database input. I hate stitching to a deadline and never feel that I'm doing my best. I've given myself permission not to finish by Wednesday and that seems to help. The book is done - all handbound. The stitching is for the cover. If necessary, I'll "present" the 2 pieces and then take them back to finish. (sigh) I am enjoying doing the silk shading - one thread at a time. Some parts are better than others, but the whole looks pretty good. I'm using Strathaven linen which some say is really close to a historic linen weave. It has a nice hand, but would be a bit course for fine clothing. The primary silk is Needlepoint Inc as I could get a number of different and wonderful greens. I'm also using a bit of Caron Waterlilies and Soie Crystal - they are a bit finer and do not cover as well, but I had them in the stash.

In between, more database input. Tomorrow I'll take what I have and organize it into a pdf for the class. Not my most favorite task. Thursday is cooking and packing the car. Friday we drive to site and set up. Saturday I wear 4 different "hats" - consort (my husband is fighting in the lists), Guild Minister for the West Kingdom Needleworkers Guild, Kingdom Arts Minister, and camp frau. Sunday is more of the same and then we pack up to come home. Needleworkers is hosting A&S and the display should be pretty good. I need to decide what if anything of mine to display as well. Thanks to Linn, I have some goodies and surprise prizes and thank-yous. We also have the class Saturday (What stitches are period?), a meeting, and a court presentation. Sunday my deputy is doing a class and we have to get a number of evaluations done for our Apprenticeship Program. One lady is even sending me her items from Alaska.

Now back to the database (boring input, fascinating reading)

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