Saturday, January 29, 2005

Gold Gold and More Gold

If I wasn't already hooked on doing goldwork, I would be after last weekends workshop with Linn. We had 12 of us in my living room beta testing a new class. In the past, the classes for Goldwork were very directed toward metal thread couching and laying bullion - the traditional stuff. This one was aimed to be more of the decorative arts. We did - spangles in singles and multiples, s-ing and z-ing, trying to do s-ing on top of the spangles, broad platt, ribbled plate with beads, bits of bullion and other decorative bits, goldwork picots as edging for cutwork (very 16th C. Italian) and kid. Everyone got through the hard bits fairly quickly. The what to do with the kid was fairly free form and some opted to take it home and play there. Wonderful play time!

Monday Linn was engaged to teach at the Milpitas ANG - a pulled work class. She had 12-14 signed up for the class which is a good showing for that chapter. We also were able to finish arranging for her to do a Wild and Wonderful mixed media workshop class in June for my EGA chapter. More play time!

Spent the rest of the week trying to finish recovering from the cold from hell. The cold is long over, but the cough just keeps staying on and on. It also seems to keep the brain in a fog. Makes it hard to get work done.

Lots to do next week. I'm doing the lead article for the Guild newsletter - Pulled Work (just because I'm no longer Guild Minister does not mean I get to rest). Then need to do my next article for Needlepoint Now -- Blackwork Bands. If I have time I need to get my costumes together and perhaps make up a new underdress or two for the Estrella War over Presidents Day Weekend in Goodyear Arizona (near Phoenix). Of course I couldn't just let things be. I volunteered, much to their joy, to do 2 simple blackwork introduction classes at the Collegium part of the war.

Lots to do!

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